January 20, 2022

iPhone 11 pro bootlooping. Are mfcbox and software safe to use? : datarecovery

iPhone 11 pro bootlooping. Are mfcbox and software safe to use? : datarecovery

Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking this subreddit for the last 2 weeks searching for a safe solution to my iphone 11 pro bootlooping problem. Hoping someone here might have an answer to my question.

If you want to skip past the details below,

TLDR: MFC claims their MFC 3.9 software can fix iTunes error 1110. Is MFCbox.com and their MFC 3.9 software safe to use for iphone 11 pro? As in, as safe as 3utools (use at your own risk)? I could not find much other than these links:https://www.mfcbox.com/blog/about-itunes-1110-error-repair-by-mfc/



I don’t want to accidentally install any malware.


My iphone 11 pro started bootlooping 2 weeks ago. My guess is due to low storage (1 gb left), and my phone not displaying apps or letting me delete anything right before the bootloop occurred. My last backup was 6 months ago, unfortunately several major milestones were recorded in the 6 months since, so I would like to recover all of my data if possible.

I’ve searched through Google, Reddit, and Youtube, for some of the most recommended troubleshooting options. I tried hard resetting several times (waiting at varying time intervals before trying again), but that did not work. The next option was iTunes recovery mode to update my phone to iOS 15.2, but I read that some users experienced a restore (deleted all data and reset to factory) when they actually hit the update button (keep data). This scared me, so I have not attempted to update my device through iTunes.

I understand that I can also try iPad Rehab. I received a quote from them that is ok, but the queue time to get my phone seen is minimum 6 weeks, where they’ll try some hardware fixes to get to the data), with no guarantee that my phone will function. I would like to try other options first before I go down this path.

I found someone commenting on a iPad Rehab video for iTunes error 14 (usually error for low storage), saying that they found 3utools helpful. They created an instagram page (iphonelogoloop) for people with similar issues, so that we can help each other. However, on this page, I’ve read that since iOS 15.2 was released there’s now an error 1110 that most encounter when they try to fix their iphone from a low storage bootloop. For error 1110, many people have commented that 3utools has not helped them update past error 1110.

Recently, someone has been helping users fix their phones with MFC 3.9. I would like to know if anyone has heard of the company’s software (required to download and pay for the fix). I’m concerned about the safety of this software for the general consumer. In the past, MFC created a dongle that bruteforce passwords on older iphone models. I understand this is necessary in some scenarios for repair shops, but concerning for those using it for more nefarious purposes (such in the case of stolen phones).

TYIA for any insights you may provide.

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